Important terms and conditions for exhibitors and sponsors

In order to optimise the conference organization for both parties we kindly ask you to completely fill out the forms in the booking portal and take note of the following

General Information

With the submission of a signed order, your agreement is regarded as binding and forms the basis for the contractual relationship. Cancellation of your registration may incur additional expenses. For the legal review of any other contract / an external contract a fee of € 150 plus VAT can occur.

The services will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately, no options for particular offers can be given.

The offers contain the presence services as described. Additional presence through the placing of advertising material is possible within the context of individual offers. The costs of advertising material, brochures, etc. are not included in the sponsoring price. These materials are to be delivered by the sponsor.

INTERPLAN AG is responsible for conducting and/or monitoring the described presence services.

Assignment of Exhibit Space

The assignment of exhibit spaces will take place on a first come – first served basis on arrival at the MOA Mercure in Berlin.

Entry in Congress Media

Every sponsor will be mentioned on the mRNA Conference website, on the virtual platform as well as in the official App. Please use the sponsor portal provided to you after your booking to upload your logo and company description (max. 700 spaces incl. tabs) as well as the corresponding link.

In case of conversion to exclusively online event or travel restrictions

If a physical event is not possible due to safety concerns related to COVID-19, the event will take place exclusively online. In this case, your booking will keep its validity. Additional 4 complimentary registrations will be granted for each company as a compensation in case of an exclusive online event, as the on-site services included in each package cannot be provided. This also applies if employees of your company are not allowed to travel to the physical event in Berlin due to travel restrictions by your company, the country of origin or Germany.


Sponsors and exhibitors are not permitted to stage their own events simultaneously with the conference and in its immediate vicinity unless they have received prior written permission from INTERPLAN AG.

If unregistered events jeopardize the conference program or its accompanying events, INTERPLAN AG reserves the right to exclude the company responsible for these events from the entire conference

General Terms and Conditions